WEDDING BOUQUET PRESERVATION: How To Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet: a Floral Craft
About the Author

Margaret Huber Margaret Huber created floral keepsakes for Houston brides for 8 years before writing her book, "How To Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet".

Whether drying a few flowers from the bouquet or a dozen, a special wedding keepsake can be created and enjoyed for years to come.

The flowers can be arranged in a bouquet shape or around the invitation or a photograph. The groom's boutonniere, garter, six pence or other small items can be included in the arrangement.

All of the easy to follow directions are given in the book along with photographs of each step in the process.

"How To Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet" has been featured in the July/August 1997 issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine; Barbara Brabec's August 1999 column in Crafts 'N Things magazine and Barbara Brabec's book, Handmade for Profit.

Margaret has been a calligrapher since 1979, specializing in the Copperplate hand.

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