If you enjoyed preserving and arranging your flowers, consider developing your own business making keepsakes for brides in your community. Here are some steps and some things to consider:

  • Design several shadow boxes and take photographs of them. Create a flyer or brochure describing what you do. Include one of your photographs so that brides can see your designs. A flyer without a photograph is not a good investment.

  • Visit the florists in your area and tell them about your new business. Leave flyers with them to give to their customers.

  • Participate in bridal shows and fairs. Rent a booth, take your samples and flyers. The more brides you can see during a given period of time, the more shadow boxes you will do. The producers of the show will be able to give you an idea (based on prior shows) of how many people to expect. Make sure you have more than enough flyers.

  • Have brides make a reservation with you two weeks before their wedding. This way you will know what to expect and you will be prepared with silica gel and containers.

  • To determine your price, you will need to consider the time involved in drying, cleaning and arranging the flowers, as well as the framing cost.

  • When the bride makes a reservation with you, she should pay a deposit and make an appointment for the delivery of her bouquet. It is a good idea to give her written instructions on how to care for her flowers until you receive them. (These instructions are found on page 6 of the book.)

  • When the flowers are dry, the bride meets with you again so that she can see her flowers and confirm the design for her shadow box.

  • At that time the balance is paid; or the balance can be paid when the bride picks up her shadow box. You will have to decide which method is best for you.

  • Give the bride an approximate date for delivery. Unless you keep a supply of different sized frames on hand, you will need to allow time for your frame maker to cut the molding and put the frames together.

If you love flowers, I cannot think of a better business to be in.
All of your customers are very happy people! Let me know how you are doing!

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